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Fruits of Warm Climates, Julia Morton

A classic reference book.

Rare Fruit Council International, Inc.Miami

This association has several branches; Miami Florida was the first one established in 1955. Meetings are held regularly at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami-Dade County. They consist of fruit tasting, seed and plant exchange, and an educational program with guest speakers and slide presentations devoted to tropical pomology. There are also many other supporting events, such as the annual photo shoot.

Rare Fruit Society of South Australia

The climate of SA is very similar to ours in WA. The Society is vibrant and thriving, and has an excellent website, mainly for members, but there is a public section. Membership is $25pa for singles, $30pa for families.

Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Queensland Inc.

Another vigorous fruit club in a slightly more subtropical area than ours. Membership is $10.00 per year, which includes an email copy of the newsletter sent every 2 months. Printed copy is mailed to a postal address for an extra $10.00 per year.

West Australian Nut & Tree Crop Association (WANATCA)

This site, which is now archived, contains a wealth of information about fruits from all parts of the world.

The Archives of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia

This site is a compilation of the information from twenty-two years of the newsletters of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia. There is a good collection of recipes, as well as fruit and cultivation info.

California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.

Much of southern California has a climate very similar to South West WA. This is a large, active association which produces an excellent newsletter and sponsors an annual Festival of Fruit get-together (a great opportunity to chat, network and taste fruit) plus the "Fruit Shoot" photography competition. It is possible to sign up for electronic copies of the newsletter for US$25pa.

Fruit Lover's Megalinks

A vast collection of fruit links. The Home of this site is a tropical fruit tree Nursery on Hawaii, run by Oscar Jaitt.

Rare Fruits Australia

The Rare Fruit Council of Australia continues under a slightly different name. The emphasis is tropical, there is a website and a once-a-year newsletter.

New Zealand Tree Crops Association

An excellent society. Their emphasis is necessarily more on temperate fruits.

University of Florida: Fruits and Nuts.

Much of their advice is relevant to WA as they have similar poor sandy and alkaline soils.


An American site that is hard to categorise. It has links to various fruit societies and other topics, including the popular Rare Fruit - Rare Edible Plants Facebook site


An Encyclopedia of the edible fruits of the world that was initiated, coordinated and edited by Dr. Chiranjit Parmar. A great source of photos and information about very many fruits.

Tropical Fruit Forum

A large and active American site. Some contributions are knowledgeable, but many are from beginners with much of the information and advice often being unhelpful.

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