Rare Fruit Club WA

If you would like to grow warm climate exotics that are either difficult to source here or exorbitantly priced, then you may wish to join our Club. We are an informal group of enthusiasts, professionals and orchardists who are interested not only in growing these tropical and sub-tropical fruits, but also unusual varieties of more common Mediterranean climate fruit. We meet on a regular basis, either with site visits to member’s gardens and orchards, or occasionally in venues where factual and pictorial information can be presented efficiently.

These meetings allow exchange of growing experiences and plant material that often is otherwise unobtainable. We seek to foster camaraderie and enthusiasm to engage in such a healthy, challenging and rewarding activity, which has the benefit of producing optimally ripened fruit that has been selected on the basis of qualities such as flavour and nutrition rather than the dictates of commercial interests.

Have a look at the Fruits page to see the range of plants that members are growing and have experience with. One section includes a number of plants that have not yet fruited and are still being trialled by members. You can get a good idea of how the club operates by perusing the Aims, Structure and Code of Conduct section under More Info on our site, and make enquiries about membership by using the Contact Us link.

Please note, the RFC is not a commercial organisation and does not supply plant material to
businesses or the public.

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